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CRM Bootcamp — Your Path into the Tech World

Posted by Azeem
Aug. 19, 2021

As more businesses are deploying CRMs (Customer Relationship Management systems) to compete globally in a sustainable manner, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for CRM professionals. This has not been met with an equal surge in supply since CRMs are not traditionally taught in schools and colleges. Rather, professionals learn them on the job, creating a catch-22 situation: you cannot get hired to work with CRMs without any knowledge, and you cannot learn without getting hired.

CRMBase's bootcamps are the answer. We train professionals in CRM skills for the careers of their choice, help them get certified, and increase their chances of getting hired for tech jobs without coding knowledge. The CRMBase Outcome team then help the bootcamp graduates land high-paying jobs. Our bootcamps impart hands-on CRM knowledge to individuals, rigorously making them job-ready in 8-12 weeks.

Why Choose a Bootcamp?

Bootcamps are arguably the superior choice as compared to college degrees or self-paced learning. A college degree takes almost four years and even with the degree, you are not sure to land a job. On the other hand, our CRM bootcamps specialize in equipping students with high-demand practical skills, considerably increasing their chances of getting hired. This job-readiness training also finishes in 2-3 months. Today’s fast track world doesn’t wait for you to complete four years of education but prefers experience to degrees, so the bootcamp option works better.

The other option self-paced learning lacks the practical application skills that employers demand. In our bootcamp, you learn with a group of students, doing projects together and discussing concepts to enhance your understanding. Self-paced learning means you will struggle to learn on your own. In addition, CRMBase bootcamp instructors show you the most important features of a CRM for the role you choose, skipping the unnecessary details. These bog down obscure technical documentation that you may find if you try to learn these CRMs on your own.

Comparison of CRMBase with College Degree and Self- Learning

Comparison of CRMBase with College Degree and Self- Learning

Industry-First No-Code CRM Bootcamp

Ours is the first-ever CRM bootcamp model, with no other bootcamp-style learning programs available for CRMs. We teach high-paying skills that do not involve coding know-how; for instance, our Salesforce Bootcamp prepares students for tech jobs without coding knowledge. The only other option is for students to purchase 7-10 different courses and rack up expenses trying to learn the same skills as we teach in a single bootcamp. That is, if they can even find relevant courses that comprehensively cover the subject matter. Our typical bootcamp will still be the more affordable option, as illustrated below.

CRMBase Bootcamp vs cost of other similar courses

CRMBase Bootcamp vs cost of other similar courses

Ease into Tech with CRMBase

We have no-code bootcamps that prepare users for high-paying jobs without learning how to program. Our bootcamps pave the way into the tech industry for those who are daunted by coding or not interested. For instance, our Salesforce Bootcamp teaches Salesforce skills, with a special emphasis on hands-on experience. There is no programming involved and out students are job ready for lucrative no-code Salesforce careers.

If you are interested in programming but unsure about jumping into it, our no-code business user and admin bootcamps are the first, easily scalable step towards technical jobs. Once you master the CRM as a business user or admin, you will be well-acquainted with the frontend point-and-click and drag-and-drop functionalities. Learning the backend code will not be as much of a leap as before. Our students start their tech career journeys by starting with our no-code bootcamps and then moving on to the coding ones if they wish to pursue that path. You can travel along any of the career trajectories mapped below or choose a no-code role and specialize in it.

CRM roles and career paths

The career path from CRM Business Users to CRM Admins and then CRM Technical Architects

Why Choose CRMBase?

CRMBase is a CRM learning platform, where you can find bootcamps for leading CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Adobe Experience Cloud, and HubSpot. You can choose which CRM to specialize in as well as your dream career.

Our online instructor-led classes enable you to learn the ins-and-outs of these CRMs with practical experience of real-world projects, easing your way into the job market. CRMBase mentors solve your individual problems and clarify unclear concepts. They also guide you on choosing a career path, providing industry insight and motivation. With fully remote classes, you can join our bootcamps from anywhere in the world.

The CRMBase Deferred Tuition Agreement (DTA) relieves you of the burden of paying bootcamp charges upfront. You can learn now and pay us only when you get a high-paying job after graduation. This way we have a vested interest in your success, so we make sure you do well. Our job search resources transform your personal brand and assist you in securing a high-paying job after successfully graduating from the bootcamp. We have yet another way of providing you on-the-job training: you can complete a three-month apprenticeship with CRMBase. This will serve as a soft entry into the CRM job market and enhance your resumé.

Each bootcamp teaches you the material for 7-8 no-code CRM certifications. Earning these CRM certifications after successfully completing the bootcamp will increase your chances of landing jobs. They prove your grasp of the CRM and can serve in place of experience for entry-level jobs. The best part: earning certifications can bump salaries by 15% to 46%.

Our community forum lets you interact with other learners, community moderators, and CRM experts to get answers, share ideas, network, and cement your understanding of the CRM. And if you are worried about switching careers, our admissions team will be able to help you in setting new career goals and charting out the path to achieve them.

What Do We Offer?

For business users, there are bootcamps for Digital Marketing, Software Sales, and Customer Service. CRMBase offers two other categories, one focused on no-code CRM careers — Admin, BSA, and Consultant — and the other teaching programmatic development of CRMs. In the first category, we have the Salesforce Bootcamp, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bootcamp and the Adobe Experience Cloud Bootcamp, each of which helps you prepare for 6-8 certifications to increase your employability. And for those interested in coding, we have developer bootcamps.

All available CRMBase bootcamps

Available CRMBase Bootcamps

In Conclusion

You need to work smartly to best utilize your time in improving your future prospects. CRMBase offers the fastest and easiest way of entering the tech world by learning CRMs, paving the path to lucrative careers. Our CRM bootcamps not only enable you learn the latest features of the chosen CRM but also ensure that you earn more certifications and have a better chance of securing a job. The best part: there is no need to learn how to code. With its unique features of online training, the deferred-tuition model with no upfront costs, career resources and apprenticeship, CRMBase is the best choice for all CRM learners.