What Are CRMBase Profile Levels?

Enhance your profile and learn more about CRMs with CRMBase Profile Levels. Unlock new levels for your profile by completing more modules and learning paths.


Badge 0
Point 0


Badge 1
Points 300


Badges 3
Points 1,000


Badges 10
Points 5,000


Badges 25
Superbadge 1
Points 10,000


Badges 50
Superbadges 2
Points 25,000


Badges 100
Superbadges 3
Points 50,000

How do I earn badges and superbadges?

When you finish a module, you get a module badge. This shows that you have detailed knowledge about a relatively limited topic. When you complete a learning path, you earn a superbadge. This represents holistic, professional proficiency in that area or discipline.

How do I score more points?

Completing knowledge checks at the end of each lesson earns you points. You earn 100 points if you get all the answers correct in the first try. The second try earns you 50 points, and each subsequent try earns you 25 points.