CRMBase and Efani Partner to Optimize the Customer Success Journey

Oct. 7, 2021

CRMBase and Efani have partnered up to ensure that customers seeking secure cell phone service get an optimized experience all along the customer journey. The partners are streamlining customer support so each customer gets quick, personalized responses 24/7.  

CRMBase trains students for high-paying no-code tech careers through 3 months of instructor-led bootcamps. Graduates of their 3-month No-Code Salesforce Bootcamp can earn $90,000+ as Salesforce Admins, Business Solutions Analysts, or Consultants. CRMBase also provides experienced Sales-Ops talent to startups, so they quickly and securely implement CRMs optimized for growth. Clients can hire more talent as the scale of their operations grow. 

Efani aims to secure their clients’ mobile service, and CRMBase’s offering of securely optimizing customer support processes aligns perfectly with their value proposition. Efani users can now get prompt responses to their questions, allowing them to quickly set up, troubleshoot, and fully utilize their Efani mobile connection. The result: happier customers.